What does "3F" stand for

  • Form is any parameter that uniquely characterizes an item such as shape, size, dimensions, mass, or even balance.
  • Fit is the ability for an item to physically interface, or interconnect with, or become an integral part of another item, or assembly which may include relations, and tolerances to other parts, or assemblies.
  • Function is the ability for an item, or assembly to meet the criteria it was designed to perform; the reason for it's existence.
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Designing innovative products for discerning clients

Welcome to 3F Product Design

At 3F Product Design Inc. we provide complete product design services using the latest 3D software, technologies, and techniques on a contract basis to clients that require our expertise on an as-needed basis. We are the solution when in-house resources are at capacity, or it is a project that would not justify the hiring, training, equipping, and overhead of a permanent position, but still needs a high level of expertise, and experience.

Potential Benefits

  • Answer three basic questions:
    What should we do?
    Why should we do it?
    How do we do it?
  • Tap a new knowledge/experience pool.
  • Access to a network of experts.
  • Expertise when you need it.