What does "3F" stand for

  • Form is any parameter that uniquely characterizes an item such as shape, size, dimensions, mass, or even balance.
  • Fit is the ability for an item to physically interface, or interconnect with, or become an integral part of another item, or assembly which may include relations, and tolerances to other parts, or assemblies.
  • Function is the ability for an item, or assembly to meet the criteria it was designed to perform; the reason for it's existence.
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3F Product Design Inc. allows companies to do more, on a short-term basis, without the long-term overhead...

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About us

About us

3F Product Design Inc. was formed by John Porter to provide professional product design services, initially, within the oilfield, and oilfield  service equipment  market, but has quickly diversified into gas compression skid packaging, and consumer product design as well.

With over 20 years of mechanical, and product design experience behind him, he has expanded beyond his initial training in Architectural drafting and design, to more of an industrial design role which suits him just fine.

3F Product Design Inc. is focused on using our knowledge, experience, and a passion for intelligent design to propel the innovation, enhancement, and improvement of our clients products giving them a competitive edge in their marketplace.

Typical clients have included everyone from start-ups looking to design and build their product, to small companies wanting improvements to their existing designs, to multi-million dollar businesses wanting new equipment design concepts, innovative ways to improve how they perform their tasks, and complete them more efficiently, all at a lower cost. 

As 3F Product Design Inc. grows it will be positioned to offer a range of services that will go far beyond product design alone. Eventually expanding into in-house design and marketing of products that will associate the 3F brand name with quality, innovation, and exceptional value worldwide.