What does "3F" stand for

  • Form is any parameter that uniquely characterizes an item such as shape, size, dimensions, mass, or even balance.
  • Fit is the ability for an item to physically interface, or interconnect with, or become an integral part of another item, or assembly which may include relations, and tolerances to other parts, or assemblies.
  • Function is the ability for an item, or assembly to meet the criteria it was designed to perform; the reason for it's existence.
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3F Product Design Inc. allows companies to do more, on a short-term basis, without the long-term overhead...

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With 3F Product Design Inc. you have a network of specialist consultants to help solve a variety of challenges like:


  • body mechanics
  • ergonomics
  • interface and interaction design
  • thermal design
  • material selection
  • stress analysis(FEA)
  • concept development
  • airflow/fluid flow(CFD)
  • physical prototyping
  • packaging design
  • reliability engineering
  • environmental impact reports
  • supplier options


Contract Design and Drafting

3F provides short-term, experienced, contract design, and drafting services for AutoCAD, and Solidworks clients. Services can be provided remotely from 3F offices, or on-site(Local-Calgary, AB) using client provided hardware/software for more intensive team interaction.

Product Design

Physical design services ranging from Concept, to Detailed Design, to Prototype creation and testing, to Pre-Production and Production strategies.

3F can help you with any phase of the product development lifecycle. Whether it is initial concept development, shape studies, ergonomics, product feasibility.

When working remotely we will use interactive collaboration, checking, and presentation tools to stay in touch, and keep the project team up-to-date on the product development  progress at intervals that work best for the pace of both parties.

We are experts in one of the most widespread, popular, and supported 3D CAD tools to bring these designs to life, namely Solidworks. Leveraging existing 3D models, with output files that can be imported into virtually every CNC, or rapid prototyping machine saves time, and reduces costs.

If it is a product that is, "The same, but different" every time, then we also are experts on design automation of Solidworks models using Driveworks.  We can automate model configuration operations that can take hours, or days manually, and reduce them to mere minutes with 100% accurate output (quotes, estimates, BoM's, procurement lists, fabrication pick lists, packing lists, drawing packages, etc.)